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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rice Shortage in the Philippines

It's been a month now since I watched the news about rice shortage in the Philippines that makes Filipinos panic. I received a call from my father in law the other day, and he mentioned about this crisis back home, he is getting worried for my family huh! I completely understand why Filipinos are getting panic about this issue simply because most of my fellow Filipinos are eating rice three times a day. And aside from these , they are not satisfied to have substitute to their meals. To them, rice is a fuel that sustain to their body, especially to the farmers. Philippines have a lot of sources when it comes to food but the main source is rice. More Filipinos are blaming the government which is for me half of it is true. Last week I went to the grocery store to get a bag of rice, when I checked the row where you can find a lot of bags of rice but I was surprise to see it, there is none, so I called the sales lady and ask if they still have a stock of rice and she to me, No ma'am! all bags of rice is gone our storage for rice is empty. So, Hard luck for me. I told my husband to go to the commissary and get a bag of rice and he came back home without a bag of rice because he said the isle where the rice is empty. So it's been more than a week that I am not eating rice hehehehe... just have a substitute though corn grits!


4ALL2ALL said...

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Russell said...

The problem its not new to my fellow Filipinos.. However its just a part in our life already.. We're just living in a third world and issue like this is just normal.. Anyway whatever issues we have. We are known as survivor.


James said...

walang rice shortage maam. wag ka maniwala sa sinasabi nila. the reason why there is not enough rice for every filipino is that, tinatago nila sa kamalig or rice granaries nila ang mga bigas. Muraang bigas pag peak season, kaya nilalaon nila ito para pag offseason na mas malaki ang presyo pag binenta nila ito. nasa DA ang prublema dahila di sila magawang dikatahan ang mga rice buyers na magtaas ng price para mabenta ang mga ani nilang palay. in that case, may sapat na supply tau ng bigas sa pilipinas.