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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reducing the Risk of Breast cancer

These are some informations on how to reduce the risk of breast cancer: I was reading health article and this is what I would like to share to all women out there:

1.) Go for regular check up.
2.) Do breast self-exams and get your mammograms on time.
3.) Know your family's medical history, but even if there is no history of breast cancer, don’t be complacent. Consult a genetic counselor if you are concerned about your family history, and inquire about being tested for the genetic mutations that increase breast cancer risk (more common among Ashkenazi Jews). Do not forget that breast cancer genes come from both sides of the family, not just your mother’s.
4.) Cut down on alcohol, or avoid it altogether. When it comes to breast cancer, studies have been pretty consistent: there is no safe amount of alcohol. Even one glass of wine a day can increase your risk slightly, and the risk climbs with each additional drink. “This is something you can control. “Women can choose not to drink.”
5.) Exercise, exercise, exercise. Obesity after menopause increases the risk of breast cancer, so try to keep your weight down. But exercise is beneficial regardless of weight, and even a small amount of physical activity may be helpful. “Women who are overweight and exercising are at lower risk than those who are overweight and not exercising; women who are lean and exercising are at lower risk than women who are lean but not exercising,” Dr. Feigelson said. Risk drops with increased hours and strenuousness of exercise, and studies have found that women who do an average of three hours of strenuous exercise a week reduce their risk of breast cancer by 20 percent.
6.) Breast-feed if you can.
7.) Try not to take combined hormone therapy.
8.) Have regular mammograms.
9.) Become familiar with your personal risk factors. Your breast cancer risk could be higher than normal if you are above average height, upper middle class (probably related to the tendency to postpone childbearing and having fewer children), never had a full-term pregnancy or you had children after age 30, or if you ever had endometrial, ovarian or colon cancer or ever had high-dose radiation to the chest, your risk for breast cancer could be higher than average.

I am very aware of breast cancer because I have a sister who is diagnosed with it and she is recovering from it and I can really say that she is a fighter. Right now, she is on her fifth chemotherapy and she is responding so well with her treatment. And getting stronger everyday, she is my inspiration... I love you sis and we will always here for you, even we are very far from each other but in our thoughts and prayers you are always there. I love you and I want to tell the whole world that I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND BLESSED TO HAVE A SISTER LIKE YOU.

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