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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Operation Blessings for Myanmar

After of a devatating clyclone Nagris that hit in Myanmar and hundreds of thousands left families homeless and no where to go. Now after the big storm od their lives, there is a blessings from all over the countries that help them out and supporting their immediate needs such us foods, water, sanitary napkins, medicine, clothes and many more. I was watching this video, and first came into my mind is thankful to the LORD that after the tragedy, the blessing came to them. It was a big releived for me watching those families that have enough supply for about more than a month.

1 comment:

Portia said...

The blessings had been knocking at their door so fast,only it took them too long to receive it because of their nasty government.Hope the life of Myanmar and other third world asian countries will improve.