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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Messy Day

Hello everyone, How are you today? I hope everything is doing well with you guys, and I am sure some of us is very busy of doing things such us surfing internet, posting blogs, cleaning the house, feeding kids or waiting for the PPP opps to pop-up in your computers, like me. While I was in the computer reading emails and doing my financial thing, my youngest son was in the kitchen, I heard them playing but I just ignored them, after awhile, I heard him screaming. My youngest son accidentally spilled the pitcher of iced tea on the floor, he was really scared of me, when I went to the kitchen but of course I didn't scold him, he is only 18 months old but I told him " this is a big, big NO to opened the fridge". He was really wet and shaking because he felt cold. I cleaned up the mess and so as the carpet, and I saw my two children watching me while I am cleaning. I heard my eldest son telling his brother, "No Johnathan". After I've done cleaning up, I just kissed my son and tell him not to open again the fridge. I am just thankful to our Almighty God that He blessed me with two cute little angels although, sometime they are pushing my buttons, but still the Love is always there. Have a wonderful everyone, enjoy your mid week.

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