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Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Signed Up for PPP

Do you want to get paid just posting blogs? or you need extra income? there is a perfect and reputable site suit for you PayPerPost get paid to blog.

I was so happy when I found out from a couple of friends through online chatting, telling me about blog that you could earn extra money. I was so desperate to look for any extra income so that I can send money to my family back home (Philippines). We discussed about money matters, hoping to earn extra income and they recommended to me PayPerPost.
This is a site that pays extra cash to bloggers that mention or posts their website to their blog. Based on what I've read on their terms and conditions you are not obliged to endorsed their products or services. All you have to do is mention their names to other bloggers or just put the banner on your blog, and bloggers online will noticed it and that's it. The instruction is very easy to follow and they'll make it sure that the bloggers will understand, so they used simple text and content to their site, other words, very understandable!

Actually, it is really a good way to earn extra, extra money especially if you are just a stay home mom. Now instead of just playing games in my computer, I have something to look forward everyday . Hopefully they will give me more tasks to do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.


Miah Laborte said...

I've sign up PPP two weeks ago, i think and i was declined... :(

Joy said...

hehehe... no you just wait a little im sure they will email you back confirming if you are declined...

Anonymous said...

Pay per post has tight requirements. My blog was declined a month ago because Mine is not English blog.

But Now I have some places to earn money; they are blogvertise and sponsoredreviews and I have earned a lot.

Visit to my site and you can click the banner of them