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Monday, May 26, 2008

Gunman Opens Fire During Arkansas Wedding

I was reading an article this morning and it caught my attention. During an outdoor wedding in Arkansas four people were wounded as a result of a small argument with the stranger. The couple spent their honeymoon side by side in the hospital. Authorities reported the suspect was not associated with the wedding. The bride and groom, who had just completed their vows just minutes before the shooting started. The newlyweds and two guests were wounded. The shooter fled the area in a stolen truck, police said. The newlyweds remain hospitalized in critical condition today, along with the wounded guest. The fourth victim was treated and been released from the hospital. The suspect facing four felony counts of first-degree battery and a felony charge of vehicle theft. In my own opinion, he must charged with attempted murder. I felt sorry about what happened to them, a happy wedding ending in a nightmare.

1 comment:

blogmelayu said...

Poor couple.. I felt sorry too. Peace... where are you?