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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Changing New Template

Last night, I decided to change my template to a nice one, so I ask my friend where to get a free nice template for my new domain, she gave me the site and I went there to choose which one, and I chose the one that I like most. But before that she warned me that some of my sidebar widgets will be missing. But because I was curious, I changed it anyway. It looks really nice in my eyes but some of the widget is gone, so this morning I contacted her again asked how to to put back my disclosure policy and blog roll in a better way rather than the old one that I have. I finally got it and it took 2 hours for me to complete. It looks better now but is still not done yet, there is a lot of things to do, but I am patient do it and learn new thing.

Friends, for those of you that don't know my new domain yet click here, my old blog Wife of a Warrior has been changed.

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