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Friday, April 25, 2008


Hi Everyone! It's me again... Last night I received a text messages containing bad news from my half brother informing me that my step mother past away around 12:30 in the morning April 24, 2008 (US time). I picked up the phone and talked to my brother, it caught me off guard because every time I talk to them, I ask how she (Mama) is doing? They always tell me that she is doing fine and is getting better from her recent illness. To make the story short, she was at the hospital for more than 15 days, after she was admitted at the general hospital in our small town I had my brother hire a private doctor to treat her. The doctor's finding was a "mild stroke" but because the hospital didn't have a CT scanner, we decided to send her to Zamboanga City General hospital. The Doctors there had said she was just having a bad case of Tonsillitis and were going to send her home, but after a closer look at the CT scan, they found some issues with her veins in her neck. I really do not know all the details, my family was told to take her home and on the way she passed. I loved her very much! I was heartbroken that she had not been given the chance to see my children before she died. I can only hope that she knew the Lord and that I will one day see her again in paradise. The song that I have attached is a reminder to me that we are not in control of our own life, we must fully trust in the Lord.....

To My Dearest Mama Dora, I am going to miss you and I will always cherish the moments that we had... Thank you so much for the love and care that you shared with me. You were the greatest step mother I've ever known.... You are the best step mom. WE LOVE YOU....

Friends take a moment to listen this beautiful music by casting crown...


Joe and Carrie said...

Joy, we are so sorry to hear about your mom. How precious to have the memories of how she invested in you.


Joy said...

Thank you Joe and Carrie